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ACER palmatum 'Koto-no-ito' - 12'x10'; filamentous green foliage turns orange-yellow in fall. Slow growth rate
ACER palmatum 'Osakazuki akame' - 20'x15'; Leaves emerge a pale peach, and harden to green, brightest red in fall
ACER pseudosieboldianum 'Cascadia' - 6'x10'; Bright green lacey leaves change to yellowish orange in fall; grows wider than tall
ACER pseudosieboldianum 'First Flame' - 10'x15'; Leaves emerge red-orange, mature to green. Red new growth in summer atop green leaves
CARPINUS betulus 'Columnaris' - 30'x15'; Fastigiate in youth, becoming a dense teardrop shape with age
CARPINUS betulus 'Emerald Avenue' - 40'x28'; Upright, sturdy growth makes great street tree; gold in fall
CARPINUS caroliniana 'Firespire' - 20'x10'; Slow-growing upright selection which has superior fire-like fall color. IMPROVED NATIVE
CARPINUS caroliniana 'Native Flame' - 30'x20'; Selected for its bright red fall color as well as uniform upright/rounded form
CERCIS canadensis 'Black Pearl' - 20'x25'; Dark burgundy, glossy leaves. Lavender flowers; IMPROVED NATIVE
CERCIS canadensis 'Carolina Sweetheart' - 30'x30'; Pink flowers, variegated foliage of burgundy, pink, white and green. IMPROVED NATIVE
CERCIS canadensis 'Flame Thrower' - 20'x15'; Leaves emerge red, change to yellow, then to green. Pink flowers; IMPROVED NATIVE
CORNUS kousa 'Mandarin Jewel' - 30'x30'; Fruit on this selection is yellow-orange rather than the typical strawberry red
CORNUS kousa 'Rosy Teacups’ – 20'x25'; Pink bracts with red edges last from May to June; red fall color
CORNUS officinalis 'Kintoki' - 20'x10'; All aspects similar to Cornus mas, but flowers even earlier in the spring
GINKGO biloba 'Goldspire' - 15'x5'; Slow-growing, fastigiate cultivar. Same fan-shaped leaves, same golden fall color
GINKGO biloba 'Presidential Gold' - 50'x40'; A full canopy in youth, with upright-oval growth emanating from a strong central leader
HEPTACODIUM miconioides 'Temple of Bloom' - 20'x15'; Blossoms emerge earlier allowing more time to enjoy them as well as their red seeds
LARIX kaempferi 'Tunis' - 18"x3'; Blue-green needles on short, horizontal branches have an overall fuzzy appearance
LIRIODENDRON tulipifera 'Arnold' - 40'x15'; Dense, upright growth keeps it much narrower than the species. IMPROVED NATIVE
LIRIODENDRON tulipifera 'Emerald City' - 50'x25'; Straighter trunk, more uniform growth, darker green glossy foliage. IMPROVED NATIVE
MAGNOLIA x 'Galaxy' - 25'x12'; Dark pink flowers. Bloom is later than most other Magnolias. Usually single stem
NYSSA sylvatica 'Forest Fire' - 40'x20'; Vigorous selection with a superior branching habit. IMPROVED NATIVE
NYSSA sylvatica 'Northern Splendor' - 40'x25'; Glossy green foliage; bright red in fall; Limbs resist winter damage; IMPROVED NATIVE
QUERCUS macrocarpa 'Urban Pinnacle' - 55'x25'; Narrow, upright, pyramidal; Acorns are much smaller than the species; IMPROVED NATIVE
TAXODIUM distichum 'Green Whisper' - 55'x30'; Bright green, feathery foliage on an upright, vigorous tree; orange in fall
TILIA americana 'American Sentry' - 40'x25'; Pyramidal; creamy fragrant flowers in early summer; yellow in fall; IMPROVED NATIVE
ULMUS americana 'Jefferson' - 68'x50'; Large umbrella-shaped crown with wide, strong branch angles. IMPROVED NATIVE


ABIES nordmanniana 'Arne's Dwarf' - 10'x3'; Dense upright column of short, dark green needles
BUXUS microphylla 'Little Missy' - 3'x4';Compact habit, dense glossy foliage, blight resistant
BUXUS sempervirens 'Woodburn Select' - 4'x3'; Selection of 'Suffruticosa' which holds its deep green coloration in winter better
CALLUNA 'Con Brio' - 12"; Green foliage has yellow tips. Dark pink flowers in late summer. Turns red in winter
CALLUNA 'Multicolor' - 12"; Green foliage has gold new growth with red stems; Pink flowers; Orange-red in winter
CHAMAECYPARIS obtusa 'Night Light' - 5'x5'; Flattened, fern-like sprays of green to gold foliage form a dense, rounded shrub
CHAMAECYPARIS obtusa 'Van Nes' - 15'x6'; Slowly forms an upright, narrow pyramid. Like a pointy version of 'Nana Gracilis'
CHAMAEDAPHNE calyculata 'Tiny Tom' - 18-24"; White urn shaped flowers dangle from short, arching stems; Evergreen. IMPROVED NATIVE
CRYPTOMERIA japonica 'Rein's Dense Jade' - 25'x12'; Forms an upright pyramid over time. Turns bronze-purple in the winter. Protect from wind
ILEX meserveae 'Blue Angel' - 10'x4'; Less hardy than other blue hollies, but growth is more compact and dense
ILEX x 'Red Beauty' - 12'x5'; Upright, dense, pyramidal growth with extra stiff spines- red-tinted new growth
JUNIPERUS chinensis 'Blue Alps' - 15'x15'; Upright, spiny, blue-green growth forming a broad-based pyramid. Fountain-like new growth
JUNIPERUS communis 'Nova Scotia Strain' - 12"x6'; A very hardy selection which stays full in the center. IMPROVED NATIVE
JUNIPERUS conferta 'Blue Mist' - 12"x6'; Bristly blue foliage on a very salt tolerant ground-hugging plant. Best option for seaside
LEUCOTHOE x 'Sparkle' - 3'x4'; Broad white variegation turns pink in fall
PICEA abies 'Cobra' - 10'x10'; Looks like a bold weeping Norway spruce surrounded by a carpet of tangled cobras
PICEA abies 'Crusita' - 18'x7'; New growth flushes out red, lightens to pink, and hardens off to green
PICEA engelmannii 'Jasper' - 3'x4'; Compact mound of medium to short blue-green needles
PICEA glauca 'Mac's Gold' - 20'x15'; bright yellow new growth in spring tipped with small red cones. IMPROVED NATIVE
PICEA orientalis 'Tom Thumb' - 24"x4'; Short, golden branchlets emerge radially, looking a bit like a sea urchin. Gold all year
PINUS densiflora 'Little Christopher' - 6'x10'; A wide-than-tall pine with bright green, bristly foliage
PINUS parviflora 'Blue Angel' - 12'x6'; The most intense silvery-blue coloration of any other cultivar- stays full and fluffy
PINUS parviflora 'Gin Yatsubusa' - 10'x8'; Irregular, open, upright, pyramidalish, Japaneesey-looking pine with blue-green needles
PINUS peuce 'Pacific Blue' - 20'x15'; One of the bluest pines around! Needles are long, thin, and densely cover the plant
PINUS strobus 'Elf' - 8'x10'; Dwarf pine has upright growth with broad-spreading branches. IMPROVED NATIVE
PINUS strobus 'White Mountain' - 40'x20'; Blue-green needles have white tips giving a powdery appearance; IMPROVED NATIVE
TAXUS media 'Meyeri' - 10'x6'; Upright cultivar which grows a bit slower and therefore denser than 'Hicksii'
THUJA occidentalis 'Fairview' - 20'x6'; Dense, compact growth; good winter color; resist snow loads; IMPROVED NATIVE
THUJA orientalis 'Franky Boy' - 6'x4'; Filamentous foliage is yellow at the tip, green at the base
THUJA plicata 'Junior Giant' - 20'x10'; All the useful attributes of Green Giant, but in a smaller package
THUJA plicata 'Spring Grove' - 30'x15'; Selected for deep green winter color, cold hardiness, and deer resistance
THUJOPSIS dolabrata 'Nana' - 3'x4'; Slow-growing, bun-shaped conifer; Green, angular scales with white undersides
TSUGA canadensis 'Lustgarten Creeping' - 8'x8'; A weeping hemlock which doesn't get outrageously wide. IMPROVED NATIVE
TSUGA canadensis 'Microphylla' - 12'x7'; Irregular pyramid; tightly packed, short needles; slightly twisted branches. IMPROVED NATIVE


BUDDLEIA davidii 'Miss Violet' - 4-5'; Seedless cultivar with vibrant purple flowers all summer; compact habit
BUDDLEIA 'Pugster Pinker' - 2-3'; Large chunky pink blossoms on a dwarf plant
CALLICARPA dichotoma 'Pearl Glam' - 5'x4';Purple foliage; white flowers bloom in summer followed by clusters of purple berries
CHAENOMELES speciosa 'Double Take Orange' - 5'x4'; Frilly, double-petaled, orange flowers in early spring; thornless & fruitless
CHAENOMELES speciosa 'Double Take Scarlet' - 5'x4'; Double crimson flowers; no thorns, no fruit
CHAENOMELES speciosa 'Orange Delight' - 3'x3'; Single orange flowers in spring on a compact-growing plant
CLETHRA alnifolia 'Ann's Bouquet' - 5'x5';  This cultivar has uniform rounded growth. IMPROVED NATIVE
CORNUS alba 'Red Gnome' - 4'x5'; Compact habit with narrow leaves; orange-red stems in winter. IMPROVED NATIVE
COTINUS coggygria 'The Velvet Fog' - 8'x6'; Long-lasting red to pink "smoke" above blue-green foliage makes a lovely contrast
COTINUS coggygria 'Winecraft Black' - 6'x6'; Pink "smoke" above near black foliage; uniform growth
DEUTZIA gracilis 'Nana' - 3'x5'; Probably the same as 'Nikko' but maybe not
DIERVILLA rivularis 'Kodiak Black' - 3-4'; Burgundy foliage has small clusters of yellow flowers on the tips; grows nearly anywhere
HAMAMELIS intermedia 'Birgit' - 12'x15'; Darkest red spider-like blooms in early spring; red/orange/yellow leaves in fall
HIBISCUS syriacus 'Blue Angel' - 8'x5'; Large, single blue-purple flowers have small red centers; compact; extended bloom
HYDRANGEA arborescens 'Invincibelle Garnetta' - 3'x3'; This pink selection blooms later than others, and keeps on blooming for longer
HYDRANGEA arborescens 'Lime Rickey' - 5'x5'; Mophead flowers emerge bright green and darken as they age, eventually picking up subtle pink
HYDRANGEA macrophylla 'Fire Island' - Mophead; White flowers have ruffled edges which are lined with dark pink
HYDRANGEA macrophylla 'Green Cloud' - 4'x4'; Mophead; Flowers emerge bright green with white centers and darken as the season progresses
HYDRANGEA macrophylla 'Star Gazer' - 4'; Lacecap; Double flowers are pink/purple/blue in the center of the petals with white edges
HYDRANGEA paniculata 'Early Evolution' - 28"x24"; Lacey panicles change from green to white to salmon then to red as the season progresses
HYDRANGEA paniculata 'Limelight Prime' - 6'x5'; Growth is more compact, stems are sturdier, and blooms earlier
HYDRANGEA paniculata 'Little Hottie' - 5'x5'; Large pyramidal flowers emerge green, turn bright white, then pink. Dense habit
HYDRANGEA paniculata 'Little Lime Punch' - 5'x5'; Blossom color slowly transforms from top to bottom- lime green to white to pink to red
HYDRANGEA paniculata 'Pink Avalanche' - 4-5'; Large, dense, cone-shaped blossoms are white, blushed with pink
HYDRANGEA quercifolia 'Gatsby Gal' - 6'x6'; Compact growth habit, but with tons of oversized white flowers. Flowers turn pink in fall
ITEA virginica 'Fizzy Mizzy' - 3'x3'; A compact cultivar which holds its blooms upright; grows in sun or shade
PHYSOCARPUS opulifolius 'Little Joker' - 4'x4'; Small burgundy leaves; white flowers; red seed capsules. Mildew resist. IMPROVED NATIVE
PHYSOCARPUS opulifolius 'Summer Wine Black' - 6'x6'; Black foliage, white flowers in late spring, followed by red seed capsules. IMPROVED NATIVE
PHYSOCARPUS opulifolius 'Tiny Wine Gold' - 5'x5'; Bright yellow growth hardens to lime green. Mildew resistant; IMPROVED NATIVE
POTENTILLA fruticosa 'Frosty' - 2'x3'; Rounded; white flowers bloom continuously from late spring to fall
SPIRAEA japonica 'Rainbow Fizz' - 4'x4';Foliage emerges copper then yellow w/red tips finishing copper-red in fall; pink flowers
SYRINGA 'Bloomerang Dwarf Pink' - 3'x3'; Pure pink flowers bloom late spring; repeat bloomer
SYRINGA patula 'Baby Kim' - 3'x3'; All the beauty and fragrance of 'Miss Kim' but in a smaller, tidier package
SYRINGA x 'Little Lady' - 5'x5'; Late-blooming lilac has deep pink buds opening to light pink flowers which are fragrant
VIBURNUM p.t. 'Steady Eddy' - 5'x5'; Like 'Summer Snowflake', but with a more compact habit
WEIGELA florida 'Czechmark Trilogy' - 4'x4'; Glossy green foliage; white, pink, and red flowers bloom simultaneously late spring
WEIGELA florida 'Electric Love' - 2'x3'; Tubular red flowers amid chocolatey foliage are irresistible to hummingbirds; Compact
WEIGELA florida 'Rainbow Sensation' - 4'x4'; Variegated foliage is green w/yellow edges; light pink flowers in May


AZALEA 'Dorothy Hayden' - 18"x3'; Evergreen late spring blooming; large white flowers with green speckling
AZALEA 'Garden Rainbow' - 5'x3'; Deciduous; Yellow flowers bloom in June maturing to orange, then pink
AZALEA 'Girard's Purple' - 2-3'; Evergreen spring blooming. Rosy-purple flowers have darker speckling
AZALEA 'Lemon Twist' - 4-5'; Deciduous spring blooming. Bright yellow flowers before leaves emerge
AZALEA 'Tangerine Delights' - 8'x6'; Deciduous; fragrant orange/peach flowers bloom late spring
RHODODENDRON 'Cherry Cheesecake' - 5'x5'; Large white flowers are edged in bright pink and have a deep red splotch in the center
RHODODENDRON 'Edith Bosley' - 5'x5'; Super dark purple flowers on a hardy plant. Lime green new growth; Leaves slightly wavy
RHODODENDRON 'Jenny Tabol' - 4'x5'; Soft yellow flowers have pink edges on each petal. Long, narrow leaves are light green
RHODODENDRON 'Solidarity' - 4'x6'; Bright red buds open to pink, then fade to white; mounded form


ACTINIDIA arguta 'Anna' - 6-20'; Vigorous vine; white fragrant flowers in spring; smooth, grape-sized fruit in fall
APPLE 'Hat Trick' - 8-10'; 'Honeycrisp', 'Sweet Sixteen' and 'Zestar!' grafted onto one 3-layer espalier tree
APPLE 'KinderKrisp' - 10'x10'; Early-ripening Honeycrisp with smaller, snack-sized fruit. Fits well in lunchboxes
APPLE 'SnowSweet' - 10-15'; White flesh resists browning after being cut making it great for salads and appetizers
APRICOT 'Brookcot' - 10-15'; Yellow-orange fruit with a red cheek. Semi-freestone, self-pollinating.
BLUEBERRY 'Legacy' - 5-6'; Highbush/Late season. Superior flavor. IMPROVED NATIVE
BLUEBERRY 'Pink Icing' - 4'; Leaves emerge pink, harden to blue-green, purple in fall; self-pollinating; IMPROVED NATIVE
CHERRY 'Sweet Cherry Pie' - 15'x10'; The sweetest sour cherry you will taste; Best used for baking
PEACH 'Saturn' - 12'; Uniquely shaped, flattened fruit. White sweet flesh is mild and freestone. Self-pollinating
PEAR 'Early Gold' - 15-20'; Golden fruit, early ripening, and extreme cold hardiness. Needs a pollinator
PLUM 'BlackIce' - 15'x10'; Large, nearly black fruit ripens early; Very cold tolerant; Needs a pollinator
PLUM 'Pipestone' - 15'x10'; Red plum with a gold blush; Sweet, juicy, yellow flesh; extra hardy; needs pollinator
RASPBERRY 'Coho' - 4-6'; Firm red fruit, ripens late summer
RASPBERRY 'Killarney' - 3-4'; Summer bearing; red; disease resistant and cold-hardy
RASPBERRY 'Meeker' - 4-6'; Large, red, firm fruit in July; disease resistant
RASPBERRY 'Willamette' - 6-8'; Very vigorous cultivar makes medium-sized, red, slightly tart fruit
VACCINIUM macrocarpon - 6"; Pink to white shooting star-like flowers in early summer yield fall cranberries; NATIVE


ACHILLEA 'New Vintage Violet' - 16"; Violet flower heads held above feathery green foliage in summer. IMPROVED NATIVE
ACHILLEA 'New Vintage White' - 16"; Flat-topped clusters of small white flowers above green feathery foliage. IMPROVED NATIVE
AGASTACHE foeniculum - 4'x3'; Spikes of purple flowers above anise-scented foliage in late summer; valuable to pollinators
AGASTACHE 'Kudos Ambrosia' - 17"; Flowers change color as they age: from pink to salmon to orange; compact habit
ALCHEMILLA mollis 'Auslese' - 24"; Larger and more vigorous than the species
ALLIUM 'Lavender Bubbles' - 18"; Similar to 'Millenium', but flowers emerge later in the season, and are darker purple
AMSONIA 'Starstruck' - 20"; Blue star-shaped flowers bloom late spring atop a compact mound of broad, green leaves
AQUILEGIA 'Clementine Red' - 24"; Double red flowers are up-turned above green foliage
ARTEMISIA schmidtiana 'Silver Brocade' - 12"; Scalloped leaves are covered in a silver velvet; groundcover
ARUNCUS 'Chantilly Lace' - 3-4'; Ferny foliage forms a dense stand. Upright sprays of small cream-colored flowers in summer
ARUNCUS 'Fairy Hair' - 24"; Dense mound of finely dissected foliage adds unique texture. Sprays of white blossoms in summer
ASTER 'Grape Crush' - 3'; Dense, mounded plant produces tons of deep purple blooms. IMPROVED NATIVE
ASTER 'Pink Crush' - 24"; Vibrant rose-pink flowers on a dense, mounded plant. IMPROVED NATIVE
ASTILBE 'Black Pearls' - 24"; Dark green foliage; Purple plumes have slight blue cast; Late bloomer
ASTILBE 'Nemo' - 30"; Large deep pink plumes on one of the most floriferous cultivars recently introduced
CIMICIFUGA (ACTAEA) 'Queen of Sheba' - 4'; Most sun-tolerant Actaea has arching flower spikes above burgundy foliage
CLEMATIS 'Isago' - 10'; White, double-petaled flowers have gold anthers in the center
CLEMATIS 'Pink Champagne' - 10'; Up to 6 inch, dark pink flowers have lighter shading along the mid-rib
CLEMATIS 'Tsukiko' - 5'; Large white flowers have contrasting purple stamens; continually flowers all summer
DELPHINIUM 'Delgenius Glitzy' - 2'; Semi-double deep purple flowers bloom in summer
DIANTHUS 'Coconut Surprise' - 12"; Crisp, white, semi-double flowers with frilled edges have red centers
DIGITALIS purpurea 'Arctic Fox Rose' - 2'; Rose pink flowers with peach speckled throats bloom in summer; repeat bloomer
ECHINACEA 'Big Kahuna' - 20"; Huge, honey-mango colored flowers w/red-brown cone bloom mid summer
ECHINACEA 'Red Ombre' - 27"; Flowers emerge red and fade to rusty orange; compact
ECHINACEA 'Soft Orange' - 27"; Flowers emerge dark orange and soften as they age; compact habit
FERN Dryopteris gol. (Giant Wood) - 4'; Large fern makes a great specimen next to water. NATIVE
FERN Dryopteris wall. (Jurassic Gold) - Gold newly emerged fronds mature to green
GAILLARDIA 'Spintop Mariachi Copper Sun' - 12"; Copper-orange flowers tipped in yellow bloom late spring through fall
GAULTHERIA procumbens 'Winter Splash' - 6"; White margins turn pink in the fall; IMPROVED NATIVE
GERANIUM 'Azure Rush' - 12-18''; Blue lavender flowers with dark purple veining and green leaves
GERANIUM 'Boom Chocolatta' - 2-3'; Blue-purple flowers emerge all summer; burgundy leaves. Grows taller than similar geraniums
GERANIUM 'Dragon Heart' - 24"; Purple flowers have striking, almost black striations forming an eye in the center
HELLEBORUS 'Molly's White' - 24"; White flowers have green tinge; Dark green foliage has pale green veins
HEMEROCALLIS 'Aurora Raspberry' - 24"; Medium pink, lightly ruffled petals have an ivory midrib. Throat is yellow-orange
HEMEROCALLIS 'Besame Mucho' - 26"; Ruffled scarlet petals have a darker eye with a green-yellow throat
HEMEROCALLIS 'Black Velvet Baby' - 21"; Velvety, burgundy, ruffled petals converge at a green-yellow throat
HEMEROCALLIS 'Cute Thing' - 24"; Double, pale apricot flowers show some green in the throat
HEMEROCALLIS 'Dark Eyed Magic' - 21"; Large, cream-colored flowers have raspberry eyezones and yellow throats
HEMEROCALLIS 'Double Pardon Me' - 18"; Same red coloration as the original 'Pardon Me' but with double flowers- sometimes even triple
HEMEROCALLIS 'Frans Hals' - 30"; Petals are red-orange with a yellow midrib, while the smaller sepals are pure yellow
HEMEROCALLIS 'Lavender Blue Baby' - 28"; Large, curved, magenta petals have a lavender eye with a green throat
HEMEROCALLIS 'Orange You Lucky Returns' - 18"; Deep orange double flowers emerge for a large portion of the summer
HEMEROCALLIS 'Passionate Returns' - 18"; Rosy red, re-curved petals are slightly ruffled. Green-yellow throat. Extended bloom period
HEMEROCALLIS 'Strawberry Fields Forever' - 26"; Light pink petals have dark pink ruffled edges; Dark pink eyezone with a yellow throat
HEMEROCALLIS 'Sunday Gloves' - 28"; Very large white flowers are fragrant and gently ruffled. Petals turn soft yellow at the base
HEUCHERA 'Carnival Watermelon' - 16"; Leaves change from pink to orange to green as they mature giving a multi-color look
HEUCHERA 'Grape Soda' - 10"; Leaves emerge pink in spring, and harden off to purple in summer. Pink flowers all summer long
HEUCHERA 'Northern Exposure Sienna' - 12"; Leaves emerge green netted bronze, turn deep bronze with gold margin; pink flowers
HEUCHERELLA 'Pumpkin Spice' - 9"; Lobed, orange leaves with bronze veins. Fleecy white flowers held above foliage in late spring
HOSTA 'Bulletproof' - 14''; Thick, blue heart shaped leaves. Lavender flowers
HOSTA 'Cathedral Windows' - 20''; shiny green leaves have an irregular yellow splotch in the center
HOSTA 'Diamonds Are Forever' - 10''; Small, dark green leaves have bright white edges. Lavender flowers
HOSTA 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' - 30''; Large, green ovate leaves have a wavy yellow margin. White flowers with striped center
HOSTA 'Dream Queen' - 20''; Rounded, blue-green leaves with yellow center; White flowers
HOSTA 'Dream Weaver' - 18''; Large, blue-green corrugated leaves with yellow centers; White flowers
HOSTA 'El Niño' - 18''; Chalky blue-green leaves with yellow to white margins as they age; Lavender flowers
HOSTA 'Key West' - 24''; Massive, wavy, golden leaves with pale lavender flowers form a 5' wide clump
HOSTA 'Silly String' - 14''; Narrow, extremely wavy, greenish blue leaves; Purple flowers
HOSTA 'Snake Eyes' - 20''; Wide green leaves with light green centers outlined in white; Lavender flowers
HOSTA 'Sting' - 14''; Thick, dark green leaves with yellow to white streaked centers; Lavender flowers
HOSTA 'Wind Beneath My Wings' - 30''; Pointed, heavily ruffled, ice blue leaves; Light lavender flowers
IRIS germanica 'Concertina' - 28"; Standards are pink, falls are peach to yellow with some amber netting. Beards are neon blue
IRIS germanica 'Frappe' - 36"; Standards are white to pale pink, falls are pink to peach; Orange beard
IRIS germanica 'Invitation' - 34"; Bicolor flowers have white standards and soft orange falls; Bright orange beard
IRIS germanica 'Lady Friend' - 34"; Rosy mahogany with slight hints of purple; Orange beards
IRIS germanica 'My Friend Jonathan' - 34"; Rusty red flowers have bright yellow beards
IRIS germanica 'War Chief' - 36"; Rusty red flowers have bright yellow beards
IRIS germanica 'Wine Festival' - 34"; Rosy purple flowers have a white-speckled splotch in the center of the falls; Yellow beards
IRIS sibirica 'Cape Cod Boys' - 34";Soft lavender flowers have purple veins and sunny yellow signals
IRIS sibirica 'Tipped in Blue' - 24"; Bi-colored flowers of soft blue and pale yellow with heavy netting
LAVANDULA angustifolia 'Big Time Blue' - 18"; Purple flower spikes are denser, and blooming starts earlier than typical. Compact growth habit
LEUCANTHEMUM superbum 'Real Goldcup' - 18"; Large, bright yellow layered flowers with golden yellow centers on tall green stems
LUPINUS 'Chandelier' - 36"; Robust spires of cream and yellow over fan-shaped leaves in early summer
LUPINUS 'Mini Gallery Blue Bicolor' - 16"; Compact; blue and white bicolored flowers bloom early summer
LUPINUS 'Mini Gallery Pink Bicolor' - 16"; Compact; pink and white bicolored flowers bloom early summer
PAEONIA 'Frances Willard' - 3'; Double flowers open a pale pink, changing to white w/faint red lines; Blooms late spring
PAEONIA 'Victoire de la Marne' - 3'; Large, fragrant, double, fuchsia-red flowers with lush green foliage
PAEONIA 'White Sands' - 3'; Fragrant, single white flowers w/yellow center petaloids bloom late spring
PHLOX paniculata 'Fashionably Early Lavender Ice' - 3'; Early bloomer; pale lavender flowers w/lavender-pink eyes bloom early summer
PHLOX paniculata 'Flame Purple Improved' - 18"; Compact; Bright purple flowers bloom mid summer
PHLOX paniculata 'Flame White Eye' - 2'; Compact; white flowers with a pink eye bloom mid summer
PHLOX paniculata 'Freckle Red Shades' - 15"; Dark red, light red, and white streaked flowers bloom mid summer
RODGERSIA pinnata 'Bronze Peacock' - 4'; Thick, textured leaves emerge bronze in spring; pink flowers above in summer
RUDBECKIA subtomentosa 'Little Henry' - 4'; Petals fused into narrow quill-like tubes make for a unique appearance
SALVIA 'Sky Blue Marvel' - 16"; Large spikes of sky blue flowers bloom late spring to fall
SEMPERVIVUM 'Berry Blues' - 3"; Large rosette of blue-green leaves that change to burgundy in cooler weather; pink flowers
SEMPERVIVUM 'Watermelon Ripple' - 3"; Dark red leaves with green tips and a green center; pink flowers in summer
TIARELLA x 'Candy Striper' - 10"; Narrowly-lobed leaves have burgundy speckling along each mid-vein. Pink buds open to white
TIARELLA x 'Cutting Edge' - 10"; Cream flowers; finely dissected green leaves have burgundy centers
TIARELLA x 'Pink Skyrocket' - 6"; Deeply lobed leaves have subtle speckling along the veins. Pink flower buds open to soft pink
TIARELLA 'Sylvan Lace' - 16'; White flowers; deeply cut green foliage w/rounded lobes and dark red centers


ANDROPOGON gerardii 'Blackhawks' - 5'; Foliage emerges dark green, turns red, and darkens to burgundy for fall; IMPROVED NATIVE
CALAMAGROSTIS a. 'Avalanche' - 4'; Green and cream striped foliage; tan plumes persist into winter
CAREX 'Everillo' - 12"; Wiry, arching gold foliage brightens up dark spaces. Give some morning sun for best color
CAREX 'Gold Strike' - 18"; Narrow, arching leaf blades are pale yellow, edged in green
MISCANTHUS sinensis 'Little Kitten' - 3'; A compact form whose plumes are held just above the dense foliage
MUHLENBERGIA 'Undaunted' - 3'; Pink to red puffy seeds held in a billowy cloud above green foliage in fall. IMPROVED NATIVE
PENNISETUM alopecuroides 'Etouffee' - 3'; Long-lasting pink plumes above a mound of green, arching foliage; Seedless


ROSA floribunda 'Julia Child' - 3'; Dense, golden yellow, double blooms
ROSA floribunda 'Ketchup & Mustard' - 3'; Bright red, double blooms with golden yellow reverse sides and glossy green leaves
ROSA Climbing 'Lavender Crush' - 10'; Full-petaled flowers are bi-colored: lavender on the inside, white on the outside; FRAGRANT!
ROSA 'Oso Easy Hot Paprika' - 12''; Vivid orange flowers with green foliage
ROSA 'Ringo' - 4'; Single flowers bloom yellow with a red center ring, fading to white as they age; rebloomer
ROSA 'Ringo All Star' - 3'; Rebloomer; flowers emerge orange and transform to lavender-pink
ROSA rugosa 'Linda Campbell' - 4-6'; Bright red, semi-double flowers; rebloomer
ROSA climbing 'Sky's The Limit' - Ruffled, buttery yellow climbing rose
ROSA floribunda 'Sunset Horizon' - 4'x4'; Large flowers bloom bright yellow and fade to red; rebloomer
ROSA grandiflora 'Sweet Mademoiselle' - 5'; Fragrant, double, peach/pink flowers; rebloomer
ROSA grandiflora 'Take It Easy' - 4'; Bright red flowers with light pink undersides bloom continuously from spring to fall
ROSA floribunda 'Whipped Cream' - 5'; Pure white flowers atop shiny, dark green foliage; superior disease resistance


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